What’s Your Take on Board Game Media?

Whether it comes in form of community websites, YouTube videos, blogs, or podcasts, there’s a lot of new content released every day for a happy dose of board game related consumption. As Kickstarter creators, we add our own bit into this mix by posting Kickstarter updates, news, and articles in which we share all sorts of things we do with our community. Naturally, we want to share the kind of content that gamers find interesting. This is why we’ve asked the community a few things about the board game media, and what’s below is the result of the 188 people who wanted to share their thoughts! Note that it was possible to choose more than one answer for the questions, so the sum of the answers goes above 100%.

The first thing we have asked was about the preferred medium for the content. Videos are clearly the most popular, having almost twice as many followers than blogs and podcasts put together. That being said, written content still attracts a considerable number of readers even though listening to podcasts might be more convenient.

The race for the most favorite content creators among our community seems rather close, and while the Dice Tower is a clear number one, it is assembled of a lot of different personalities. Thanks to this, they are also able to offer the most varied content (and a huge quantity of it) compared to the channels that placed below them, especially Rahdo who received only 6% less votes. Altogether, the chart shows a balanced mix of all kinds of media, ranging from reviews through previews, to tutorials, playthroughs, related to Kickstarter and non-Kickstarter games in the format of videos, written articles or forums, and podcasts.

Assuming that reviews would take the top spot in the chart, it would be interesting to know if the following items were a part of the journey from learning about a game to getting it on the table. Do any of you follow the emerging pattern of, after watching a review to get a basic information and opinion on a game that got you interested, looking at a playthrough to see it in action before actually getting the game, and then watching a tutorial video afterwards? Apart from that, the ins and outs of designing got 28% of the votes.

Finally, it seems that, while there is a plenty of board game related content out there already, that the one thing that’s not being talked enough about is the actual processes of publishing games. All the most frequent answers to the last question describe different stages of creating the game while the first step, game design, takes a very clear first place.

Do your own ideas about board game media match the charts above? Let us know in the comments!

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MichalMichal is Boardcubator’s communications manager and game developer. For the past 6 years he has been an instructional designer for Norwich Institute for Language Education. He is also a university lecturer and teacher trainer, working towards a PhD in English literature.

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