Space Race

Develop your space agency, start the engine, and conquer the universe!

Kickstarter launches on May 6!

Space Race

A game by Jan Soukal and Michal Mikes. Artworks by Dalibor Krch.
1-5 Players, 45-90 minutes

The day when nations start a new war over the universe is approaching. The technological boundaries will be pushed further than the humanity has ever imagined. Will you be watching the screen as the milestones are achieved, or will you be the one to claim them?

Space Race is an engine building game for 1-5 players. Become a director of a newly established space agency and lead its way through seven decades of space exploration. Recruit leaders, launch space projects, fund your laboratory, develop technologies,  and claim breakthroughs!

Are you ready for the ride?

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Every game is completely different and it's the players who decide what's possible to achieve! Are you ready to take the reins and lead your faction towards the space conquest?


The artworks by Dalibor Krch make this game feel truly special. They’ll lead you through the entire era of space conquest up until this day. But be careful – it’s easy to get lost in their beauty.


There is more to conquer in Space Race than ever before with its streamlined gameplay, a brand new board, and new Mission Progress and Stage Output mechanics. Every move matters.


Rahdo running through the Kickstarter prototype of Space Race.

Rahdo’s extended gameplay video.


Rahdo’s preview of the Kickstarter prototype of Space Race. A review of a production copy coming soon.

Edo’s preview of the Kickstarter prototype of Space Race. A review of a production copy coming soon.