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We hope you are doing all right! We have big news: New Project L Kickstarter campaign is launching on October 12!

Project L Kickstarter Launches on October 12!

A new Project L Kickstarter campaign is just around the corner! It will be amazing to see you on board with us for the amazing ride!

Project L is a fast-paced engine building strategy game for 1-5 players. It is a family game packed with choices that will keep your brain running at full steam: Develop a powerful engine, optimize your actions each round, and earn the most points for completing puzzles.

What’s so great about the game? Take a look at Jamey Stegmaier’s favorite Project L game mechanism or watch a playthrough by JonGetsGames!

Project L Kickstarter Launches on October 12

Project L: Finesse

Apart from the base game reprint and the original expansion, the upcoming Kickstarter campaign will also include Project L: Finesse! This expansion introduces a new game module for both solo and multiplayer games. During the game, you will be able to perform various Finesses (goals) to earn Credits, a new resource that you can spend to do more actions during your round. This expansion adds more strategic options and boosts the game’s replayability with new mechanics to exploit!

Finesse expansion

Join Us In the Kickstarter Launch Event

To celebrate the launch of the new Kickstarter campaign, we have created an event in which we’ll share news, videos, and photos. During the event we’ll also give away 5+ all-in deluxe bundles from the upcoming Kickstarter, and we will add an extra one into the pool for every 200 attendees or 30 shares of the event. Let’s launch the new campaign together!

Project L with the Finesse expansion


What’s your take on game components — Results

The last time we asked you what you think about different board game components, and almost 800 people shared their thoughts! Take a look at whether people think the tactile aspect is important and what are some of the ways to achieve this.

All Project L Components

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