August News

Only hot news seem to be appropriate at this time of the year, don’t you agree? 🙂 Let’s take a look:

  • Let’s talk games — New feature discussion with a giveaway!
  • What’s your take on Kickstarter updates? Check out this month’s topic.
  • Meet us at Essen SPIEL 2019  Hall 2-C144!
  • Pre-orders for Space Race and Project L are live.

Let’s talk games:
A monthly feature discussion with a giveaway!

It was incredible how much effort our backers have put into helping us further improve our Kickstarter campaigns with their amazing insights. Because we value your opinion, we’d love to start a new feature discussion in which you can share your thoughts on different aspects of board games, learn what others think, and also win one of our games!

In every newsletter, there will be a new topic to delve into as well a summary of the previous one.

And the present topic…?

What’s your take on Kickstarter updates?

Among the most important things when preparing a Kickstarter campaign is a decision about the structure of the updates and plans for their content, order, frequency, and theme. From a creator’s point of view, there’s always something new to try!

For example, Project L updates focused mainly on behind the scenes content about working with different materials and prototypes. On the other hand, updates during the recent Space Race campaign rather highlighted the thematic ties of the game and its lore by publishing a story update every day.

As a backer, you see Kickstarter updates from a different end. What it is that you find the most compelling to read when backing a game on Kickstarter?

What’s Your Take on KS Updates?
Share more thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

Meet us at Essen SPIEL
Hall 2-C144

Are you going to Essen SPIEL? Come say hi — we’d love to meet you in person!

There’ll be plenty of fun to be had with copies of Project L with a demo of the upcoming Finesse expansion, along with demos of Space Race and of our new story-driven game with branching narrative (stay tuned).

Space Race and Project L

Have you missed the Kickstarter campaign for either of the two games? No need to worry — you can still get both on our pre-order site!

Boardcubator Pre-Orders



That’s all the news this month. What do you think about the feature discussions? Let us know in the comments.

Michal, Marek, and Jan