March News: Space Race: The Board Game Kickstarter Launches on April 8

New era of space explorations is about to begin! Are you ready to lead your space agency towards the pages of the history books?

Space Race on Kickstarter April 8

Are you ready for the ride?

Space Race: The Board Game Launches on April 8

The day when nations start a new war over the universe is near. Will you be watching the screen as new milestones are reached, or will you be the one to claim them?

Space Race is an engine building game for 1-5 players. Become a director of a space agency and lead its way through seven decades of space exploration. Recruit leaders, launch space projects, fund your laboratory, develop technologies, and conquer the universe!

Every move matters, every game is different.

What’s new in Space Race: The Board Game

There is more to achieve than ever before with streamlined gameplay, a brand new board, and enhanced mechanics including variable faction powers! Pay attention to the mission progress, optimize your agency output, finish time-sensitive projects, and compete in a completely new breakthrough race! Explore the new mechanics in detail in the development thread on BoardGameGeek.

Kickstarter Preview

Don’t miss the launch!

We’ll have an Ambassador Pack for You!

Are you a Boardcubator Ambassador? Yes, you are! And as a thank you for your continuous support, we are preparing a mini-expansion pack that you will get automatically with your pledge. We’ll talk about it in detail in the following newsletter, but in the meantime, let us know what kind of expansions do you like most! More pieces, extra replayability, something else?

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Space Race Box Mockup

Space Race: The Board Game box mockup.

Project L

Project L made top 5 in two categories of the Most Anticipated Games of 2019! Learn more on BGG. Thank you so much for your support and for voting for the game!


Project L Box Prototype

Project L box prototype we made.

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