November News: Project L Pre-Orders

Now that Autumn is in full swing – are you playing all the new releases? We just came back from Essen SPIEL and we’d like to share the most important news with you!

Look back at Essen SPIEL 2018

Essen SPIEL was just amazing! We were able to meet a lot of you who came by to say hello and chat about games. It’s always absolutely exhilarating to get to know the real “offline” people. Thank you very much for stopping by! 🙂

In the booth, we were presenting a prototype of the upcoming Space Race: The Board Game and demoing Project L. In fact, the demand for Project L was so big that we had to open an additional demo table! We are also happy that we so many young gamers played it too, the youngest being a wonderful 4-year-old boy!

Boardcubator booth at Essen SPIEL 2018

Boardcubator at Essen SPIEL 2018.

Project L pre-orders are available

Note that this is only for people who didn’t back Project L on Kickstarter. Backers will receive an invitation to a pledge manager (BackerKit) by the middle of November.

We were so happy that so many of you came by and showed support for Project L! If you have missed it on Kickstarter, you can pre-order it now by following this link.

How to pre-order Project L:

  • go to the pre-order page
  • add items you want into the basket
  • click on the blue basket icon in the upper-right hand corner and proceed to checkout

There are two payment options: credit card and PayPal. With PayPal, the amount will be charged immediately. If you select the credit card option, your card will be charged once the pre-orders close in January 2019.

Boardcubator booth at Essen SPIEL 2018

Sisi, Klobouk, Jan, and Marek demoing Project L at Essen SPIEL 2018. (Behind the counter from left to right)

Take part in Space Race: The Board Game development

We are working on Space Race: The Board Game, and you can join the team to see the game taking shape! Join a dedicated Facebook group to discuss new mechanics, give us feedback, and keep track of the progress.

Space Race: The Board Game Kickstarter will launch once the development is finished, which will be at the beginning of 2019

Boardcubator (Sisi, Michal) ready to present Space Race!

Sisi and Michal ready to present Space Race: The Board Game

What we played

Right after the Project L Kickstarter finished, we needed to let off some steam, and what’s a better way to do it than stealing each other’s gold and destroying ships in Rum and Bones: Second Tide. We quickly realized that we need something easier than swinging sabers and swinging on ropes, so we settled to colts and poker matches in Western Legends.

However, the two highlights of the month are Railroad Ink (which all of us got multiple copies of at Essen) and, especially, Container. This beast of a game surprised us immediately after unboxing when we realized that all of the tiny resin containers are packed in a super tiny zip-lock bag! So … a few hours later… the game was on! Yay! And it was incredible. We spent 4 hours with it even though only 1 was actually playing the game that we didn’t even finish and 3 extra arguing about and examining the mechanics!

Project L (Boardcubator) succesfully funded!

Thank you for your support!
(from left) Marek, Michal, Klobouk, Tom, Sisi, and Jan

That is all for this month. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on Project L and Space Race: The Board Game in the comments below. We will be back in more updates soon! So, enjoy the winter holidays and play some games!