How are you enjoying the summer? We hope this newsletter further improves this time of the year for you with all the board game news we have! Let’s take a look:

  • Project L Kickstarter launches on September 18 – visual design underway
  • Project Z – close-up into the branching storylines of the campaign game
  • Space Race – Interkosmos – print date is scheduled
  • Space Race: The Board Game launches on KS in 2019 – playmats included
  • Essen SPIEL 2018 – take a look at all of our games in Hall 2: A132

Project L Kickstarter launches on September 18

Mark the day in your calendar! With launch closing in, Jaroslav with his expertise in technological design is making sure it will be in the best possible shape for it. Here’s a sneak peek at the latest prototype:

Latest prototype of L’s player mat with tiles and pieces.

Latest prototype of Project L player mats with tiles and pieces.

The game combines the tactile feedback and vibrant colors of the resin pieces (think Azul) stacked on top of the highest quality triple-layer cardboard. With the technology decided, we are working on the graphical design and will show you more soon!

We’ll show you a preview of the Kickstarter campaign on August 18 and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

Make sure you don’t miss the preview campaign or the latest news about the game by joining the Project L Facebook group.

Project Z: Branching storylines

Let’s take a look at the aspect that makes Project Z stands apart: the story.

You will take control of one of the four factions striving to achieve dominance throughout a narrative campaign that ends up branching differently during every playthrough. This will be possible thanks to an app that takes into account not only the result of every scenario, but also the decisions you make before, during, or after each scenario (for example, through a multiple-choice dialogue window in the app). Every decision will impact the story by leading the game towards the path that is based on your choices.

Jan presenting the storytelling elements of Project Z.

Jan presenting the storytelling elements of Project Z.

The branching storyline will manifest in a variety of ways. Your choices will impact:

  • Story progression of your faction and the final ending you achieve
  • The map / scenario that will be played next
  • Starting positions on the map
  • Resources players start with or if they will have access to extra reinforcements
  • Possible alliances you can make with the other factions

We want you to steer the way the game develops through the ability to make decisions that impact the story and how it evolves. You can even play again for the same faction just to explore different story paths.

Take the lead: make your own choices and write the story for your faction! Join the Project Z Facebook group to stay in the loop.

Space Race – Interkosmos

Interkosmos has successfully entered the print schedule and the latest possible date for it to be finished is September 3! Take a look at the latest project update for detailed information.

Space Race: The Board Game on KS in 2019

There’s great news for everyone who would like a playmat or even the now sold out game!

During the first half of 2019, we will launch a Kickstarter campaign for Space Race with board! We want to fulfill all that you ask for in the game, so it will be possible to get Space Race with tweaked mechanics, a playmat as an addon, and, if you already own the game, a package for returning backers!

Testing out space requirements for Space Race: The Board Game.

Testing out space requirements for Space Race: The Board Game.

Essen SPIEL 2018

Come see us during Essen SPIEL to check on all of our games in action! We’ll be in Hall 2: A132, and we’ll have all the games with us! But, most importantly, we’ll be incredibly happy if you just stop by to say hello and chat for a while.

What we played

We’ve played a lot of games during the past month, but there is one session that stands completely apart due to the heartbreaking story it told.

It was an unforgettable Captain Sonar battle during which we amassed all our mental power and focus… with interesting results. Towards the end of a battle of two relentless teams, Michal, chief navigator of the submarine called “Yellow”, being assured that the opponents have somehow passed through the middle of two islands and were briefly even away from the map, closed in a “couldn’t be more wrong” spot to fire torpedoes at. Meantime, Marek, the captain the other submarine, in the moment when history looks for fearless heroes to write it, hid under the table from the horrors of navigating even one step further. The pattern of smoke emerging from below the table pointed at how much his hand holding a cigarette was shaking under the impression of getting blown up by a flurry of torpedoes aimed at a spot far, far away. It was only when he was reminded that there is no smoking in the submarine he issued an order to surface which revealed their precise position. A mistake that eventually cost them their lives… and the game.

Power Grid with really realistic coal tokens!

Power Grid with really realistic coal tokens!

Other games we played include: Power Grid, Black Opera, Above and BelowSecret Hitler, Project L, Meeple Circus, Robo Rally, Wings of Glory: WW1, Exploding Kittens, and Space Hulk.

That’s all from us for now. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on Project L, Project Z, and Space Race: The Board Game!