How have you been these last few weeks? We’ve been rather busy ourselves, which means we have quite a few exciting things to share with you. Not only are we slowly wrapping up Interkosmos, we’re also diving deep into new projects. Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you:

  • Project L — and a new Kickstarter campaign in the making
  • Boardcubator Ambassador Program — designed to show our gratitude for your support
  • Space Race – Interkosmos is being scheduled for print
  • Project Z — a new project on the horizon
  • What we played — battles won and lost, ships shattered, vineyards built

Project L

Though we’ve loved every bit of the journey with Space Race, it’s great to have something new to work on. Project L is the next in line. It’s coming to Kickstarter in September!

Project L Kickstarter campaign launches in September!

When Adam first launched into designing Project L, he wanted it to be an elegant game that, in spite of having just a few simple rules, had enough depth, choices, and combinations to keep your brain going at full steam. And he managed!

What’s more, the Red Dot awarded designer, Jaroslav Juřica will take care of the final design of the components.

Join us in Project L Development

Participate in the making of Project L in the BGG development thread. There’s also a Print and Play Kit you can download and share your thoughts with us. Let’s help Adam make the game happen!

We’ll keep you updated in the Project L Facebook group.

In the meantime, we took Project L together with Adam to a local boardgaming convention to see how people like it. Take a look.

Adam (on the right) demoing Project L prototype.

Boardcubator Ambassador Program

We have a treat for you! We believe unceasing support should be rewarded and so it will be! As we’re planning a new Kickstarter campaign to launch Project L into the world, we’ve been thinking of ways to show our deepest gratitude for all your encouragement, feedback and loyalty.

Everyone who supports a campaign of ours and is signed up for the newsletter before the campaing starts will get a special bonus from us along with the rewards to show how much we appreciate you.

Spread the word about the Ambassador Program to your gaming groups so that your friends don’t miss out on the opportunity to get their rewards as well!

Space Race – Interkosmos

We’re pleased to say Interkosmos has been coming along nicely. Dalibor has finished all the illustrations, including Achievements, which means that the Digital Bundle add-ons will be sent out very soon. Moreover, Interkosmos is being scheduled for print! We can’t wait to see it in production, and we mean it quite literally as we like to oversee the process to make sure it’s top-notch.

Read more about our progress on Interkosmos in the latest campaign update.

Project Z

How would you like assembling tanks bit by bit with customizable parts in the upcoming story-driven game?

Project Z is a new game we’re developing and will present to you at Essen Spiel this year. Though we don’t want to give away too much now – it’s a work in progress, after all – we’re giving you something you can count on. A laser-cut wooden engine counter! Which you can use whenever you need to keep track of things. How do you like the first look of it? Neat, right?

Counting resources in style with wooden counters in Project Z style!

Intrigued? Join the Project Z Facebook group to stay in the loop!

What we played

Moving on from our last month’s Pax Rennaissance obsession (of course we played it this week as well…) and looking for other escape-room styled games after our previous crushing defeats, we delved into the noble quests of Time Stories: Asylum and Marcy Case.

Let’s start by pointing out that I wouldn’t say we’ve lost. Never mind that it’s kind of hard to completely lose, but it definitely didn’t feel like winning. Half of our crew was sound asleep (we did more bogging than delving) when we reached the conclusion of Asylum, praising the story for the adventure’s high and our minds for its low points.

The only thing to do after both sessions was to go for some Godforsaken Scavengers, which felt weirdly thematic at that point. Finally, Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin (you guessed right: we’re ashamed to share our time) was incredible in looking at what can be, quite literally, done with such a tiny box.

New week = new opportunities, we declared and celebrated Michal’s birthday ruining his hopes of happy winemaking retirement in Viticulture. After all these fiascos as a team and, on top of that, a bit of worker-placement hatred-style soul-crushing play, we had to lay off steam in an Arcadia Quest and Rum & Bones: Second Tide fashion (exploding dice all the way!). Sinking ships never felt more invigorating! Yeah, what a month!


That’s it from us for now. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on Project L and Project Z. Go on, then! We want to hear what you think!