May was incredibly fruitful in terms of both old and new projects! With sending Interkosmos to print, we are gradually shifting our focus from fulfillment of previous projects to design and development of new ones. Let’s take a look:

  • A new game on the horizon: Project “L” It is a complex, fast-paced, tile-matching brain burner with lovely wooden tiles and pieces!
  • Space Race – Interkosmos is entering the printing machine! PnP kit is available!
  • Playmats adventure continues — Awaiting more samples
  • What we played and how badly we lost…
  • What’s ahead? Development (Project “L”), Game design (Projects “B” and “Z”), and Brnohrani

Project L

Project “L” is a fast paced, tile-matching game of simple design but intricate gameplay that burns brain cells in under 20 minutes a game. Futhermore, all of that takes place on lovely wooden tiles and pieces.

Does it sound like something exciting is cropping up? That’s right! We’re bringing a new project on board! Project “L” was created by Adam Spanel a talented Czech game designer and a fresh member of our group. Adam’s dream is to become a board game designer, and we’re very happy we can assist him on such a wonderful journey. We’re chipping in our experience with the successful Space Race and Interkosmos games, and we will take care of the final development and all other associated steps.

Moreover, we think Project “L”‘s wooden tiles and pieces just have to get a special treatment in terms of art design — we’re trying to bring an award-winning creative designer to the project team to take care of the nitty-gritty: the appearance, materials, and the general look of the final game. We’re certain this project really deserves it!

If everything goes according to the plan, you can look forward to Project “L” on Kickstarter later this year!

Stay tuned for more news about the project in the next newsletter and join the Project “L” Facebook group to get most recent info and discuss the news with us!

One of the prototype versions of Project “L”

Space Race – Interkosmos

Great news! The preparations for the Interkosmos expansion print is almost finished. During the next few weeks, the manufacturer will schedule us into their print queue, so the landing stage of Interkosmos is getting considerably closer! It’s important to point out that the community around Space Race and Interkosmos was incredibly helpful and supportive during all stages of the campaign, for which we are very thankful!

Space Race – Interkosmos Rulebook and Book of Scenarios

Interkosmos PnP Kit Available

In the meantime, we’re happy we can show you the latest versions of all the Interkosmos documents compiled in a neat PnP kit that you can look at and even test out yourself.

Download Space Race – Interkosmos Public Print and Play Kit

Community content — New Space Race solo game variants by Yoki Erdtman!

Thanks to Yoki Erdtman, Space Race solo game got 2 new great difficulty options! By tinkering the solo opponent’s decks according to Yoki’s instructions, you can adjust the difficulty so it more accurately matches your style. You can now play two new difficulty options: one slightly easier and one slightly tougher than the current challenging one. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’d like to see more from the solo gameplay. You can find both of them over at BGG or in the Space Race Community Folder. Let us (and Yoki) hear what you think about them!

If you have (or know about) any other great community variants, add-ons, or whatever else that you think other fans may find useful, let us know. We’ll love to add it to the community folder as well. 🙂

Space Race playmats — Awaiting samples!

Last week we received both material and print samples from the manufacturer we are communicating with, and—at the moment—we are avaiting one more sample playmat with a high resolution illustration print so we can be sure they’re prefectly capable of producing the playmats in the quality we expect. As soon as the last sample arrives, we’ll let you know.

What we played

Last month, apart from plenty of Interkosmos and Project “L” sessions, we refreshed our memories with some of the older classics, such as Bang!, Citadels, or King of Tokyo, and of the not so old but already classic Scythe. We also continued our long lasting Arcadia Quest campaign, threw whatever we could overboard in Rum and Bones 2nd edition, and enjoyed the innovative mechanics of Fast Forward: Fortress and Unlock, which we failed miserably at — our 93-minute time talks for itself, meaning that we actually finished the game whole 33 minutes after we blew up in a secret lab. ;).

Playtesting one of the early prototype versions of Project “L” (Jan, Marek, and Sisi)

What’s ahead

Back to the drawing boards — The last weeks were all about Interkosmos, obviously ;). We were so busy finishing all its parts that pretty much nothing else hit the table. However, now that the Interkosmos development reached the finish line and the game itself is entering the manufacturing process, we can return back to the drawing boards.

Development (Project “L”) — We’re turning the focus on “Project L”. The main task are to finish the development and start talking to potential manufacturers to see what sort of fancy things we could actually include in the final game.

Game design (Projects “B” and “Z”) — Besides, we continue working on two other game designs, Projects “B” and “Z”, aiming for presenting at least one of them at Essen Spiel 2018.

Meet Us at Brnohrani (Event) — If you happen to be around between June 16 and 17, come meet us at a local boardgaming festival, Brnohrani, which takes place in Brno, Czech Republic. All the major board game related companies from the Czech Republic will be there as well. We’ll be super-happy to meet you there!

That’s all the news for June. Let us know what you think about the wooden prototype.

This is what we’ve seen from our office window for several weeks already —  Players placed their workers on an ancient excavation site. Doesn’t seem scary at the moment, but we’re quite sure the Ancient One is lurking somewhere down below. Watch your steps, poor Meeples!