There’s so much to tell and always even more to explore! Let’s look at the main events that happened last month and also at what we drew the inspiration from!

  • Space Race – Interkosmos: Huge Baikonur posters arrived!
  • Community content: Solo playmat and Traditional Chinese translation
  • What we played
  • What’s ahead: Interkosmos playtest in Brno
  • Projects we support

Space Race – Interkosmos

Huge Baikonur posters arrived!

.. and the size is incredible. We even had a problem making sure Jan appears on the photo when he was holding the poster. There are still 8 of them up for grabs on the late pledge page.

Jan hiding behind the poster.Jan hiding behind the poster.

Scenario Teasers

We’re wrapping up the last two scenarios for Interkosmos. The first stresses the Achievement mechanics, making the race for them much more pronounced: How many of the “world firsts” will you be able to claim? The second scenario, Space Academy, is based on the ESSEN demo setup and provides a smooth playthrough for all the new space agency directors who’d like to learn the rules.

Space Academy scenario development.Space Academy scenario development.

Community content

We feel incredibly lucky that such a creative and enthusiastic group of people have gathered around our projects. Take a look at the latest content that emerged from the undeniably fantastic Space Race community.

Solo Playmat for Space Race by Robbert Vervuurt

Are you bored playing Space Race on a regular table that just isn’t “spacy” enough? Head over to BGG for Robbert’s solo playmat that will look fantastic on a 90×40 cm sheet of neoprene! He appreciates feedback so don’t hesitate to post a comment with your ideas.

Space Race Traditional Chinese translation by Tzung-bau Chen

Traditional Chinese is no longer missing in the list of available community translations. Thanks to Tzung-bau Chen, it’s now available either on BGG or on the boarcubator resources page along with 12 other languages. The Interkosmos project brought together astronauts from 14 different countries, I think we have touch a way more than that already!

What we played

A weekend full of inspiration was what we scheduled for the first thing in March. Luckily we had Michal studying all the rulebooks a week in advance. His notepad constantly instilled great fear as it holds his 12-page notes for Pax Renaissance rules explanation.

All the games.All the games.

Conversely, Pax Renaissance was the game that we just felt we need to play it again and again because there was (and still is) always something more we strived to explore, tax, and control! During the last game, Marek held a firm control over The East, Tom controlled the trading routes, Jan controlled the bishops, who in turn controlled all of Tom and Marek’s cards, and Michal, feeling that there is not much left to take, settled down for controling the actual winning conditions. 🙂

Apart from that, and many other games, we undertook a nice reminder of how interesting the Citadels gameplay is before we got crushed to pieces in Gloomhaven as Jan heroically charged into a room full of enemies. Little did he expect it was only to bottle up the sole enterance/exit with his huge pockets full of scavenged gold, realizing his mistake only as he caught about a gazillion arrows while the rest of us were running away from the impending doom. Yeah, it didn’t end well.

What’s ahead

Interkosmos Scenarios Playtest in Brno

On Tuesday 3 April, we will playtest Interkosmos scenarios in TeaVoli. If you happen to be around, definitely stop by and play the game with us! More details about the event can are on Facebook.

Projects we support

Chronicles of Crime

It’s always intriguing to see a fresh take on board game mechanics, especially if they are used in an innovative way. That’s why we love what Lucky Duck Games are doing with Chronicles of Crime, their recent Kickstarter project. The inclusion of VR and reusable components in a story-driven game of investigation is just something we can’t way to experience in action! A tear-off calendar dedicated just to count days till the campaign’s fulfillment seems as a great idea.

Brenda Romero’s The Mechanic is the Message

Although this project has been going on for quite some time already, we continue to be taken aback with how much meaning transpires out of Brenda’s designs. We are always looking for, and are inspired, by games that send a clear message, so we wanted to share this project with you in case you might have missed it. You can learn more about The Mechanic is the Message on Brenda Romero’s website.

And what about you? What fuels your spaceship? Let us know by leaving a comment.