A new month is here so let’s take a look at what’s new around boardcubator:

  • Boardcubator: New team member, new projects
  • Space Race – Interkosmos: Scenario teasers, unboxing video
  • What we played
  • What’s ahead: Deskovani festival in Brno

Boardcubator Grows Stronger

New Team Member

The latest addition to the team is noone else than Silvie “Sisi” Dovrtelova, a gamer, an incredible professional, and overall just a wonderful and funny person to be around. Sisi will take over the production, shipping, and generally other issues that require an organized person to deal with, so the rest of us can crawl into our proverbial dens and be creative.

Sisi with Jan back in 2016 shooting Space Race: The Card Game kickstarter coverSisi with Jan back in 2016, shooting Space Race: The Card Game Kickstarter cover 😉

Space Race – Interkosmos News

Scenario Teasers

1: The Cold War Scare scenario changes how Control Card levels work and provides twists to the mechanic of acquiring new cards to agencies.

Cold War is in full steam and the space agency directors must tread with caution. Calculate every step you take with care – the competition is fierce, and the danger caused by leaking your plans is high.

2: The Reusable Rockets scenario uses the achievement mechanics from the Interkosmos expansion to allow you using one-time abilities on your cards multiple times. You can also hire experts from the private sector to work for you, so you can do more than usually if you have enough funding.

Reusable rockets are not a distant dream anymore, and all the agencies want to benefit from them. There are multiple ways towards achieving this feat. Private companies offer their services as well – if you can afford them.

New Unboxing Video

Take a look at a new unboxing video that emerged with the first wave of Space Race – Interksomos fulfillment. Wouldn’t you like to have everything shrink-wrapped just so you can unbox the game again? I know I would. Especially if it would include the new-card smell as well!

What we Played

Lost. This month we were just lost .. or in a war. Definitely one of these two. Or both.

We desperately tried to survive on the deserted island in Robinson Crusoeonly so we could desperately try to survive in a beseiged city in This War of Mine… and then to back wilderness again in The 7th Continent, with a deadly curse to lift.

In Lords of Hellas, we attempted to outwit and outmaneuver .. um .. no, that’s not right and well… really, we just tried to destroy each other in this game by moving a gigant hydra. The sun almost rose during the playthrough of Rising Sun, as we spent more time laughing at the futile attempts we made at establishing alliances (and at the shallow lies we told our alliance partners) than we actually spent playing the game!

What’s Ahead?

Deskovani Festival in Brno

Meet us at a local boardgaming festival Deskovani in Brno. It takes place between 2nd and 4th March in our favorite gaming hub, Black Oil. We’ll be playing Space Race on Saturday between 2-4PM, but you can crush us in a game of your choice at any other time. Or can you..?

New Projects

In the past, we had been releasing one new project a year, first Space Race, then Interkosmos. We knew all along that this just isn’t enough to satiate our hunger for developing new ideas and pushing the boundaries further ahead. There’s just too many of them, ideas, that just beg to be brought alive. Beginning this year, we have started working on several projects at the same time, and you bet you’ll get updated with all the juicy details.

Back to the Drawing Board

At this point, all of us (Jan, Marek, and Michal) are bogged in all kinds of cubes and cardboard, designing prototypes of games we want to reveal later this year. At this point, let’s call them Project B, F, S, and Z. There’s a bit of everything on our table right now – pens, papers, meeples, tanks, battles, war, stories, unfolding events, and strong narratives. It’s all here, lying around.

Early stages of Project Z.

Yes, the game include vehicles, tiles, soldiers, battles, and other exciting things. Although it still has a long way to go, we are already excited by the game slowly taking shape.

That’s all for now; let us know what you think in the comments section below.