It’s the start of the month, so we can share what’s new in the office:

  • Michal Mikes joins the team
  • New projects are in development
  • We have a new Facebook page
  • Space Race – Interkosmos late pledges


The most exciting news is that Michal Mikes officially joins the core team. Michal is the co-designer of Interkosmos and was a great help and a valuable asset during the development of Space Race. You might have met him around our booth at Essen SPIEL or read his comments on the Interkosmoscampaign. Michal is an avid coffee drinker and will help us devour piles of it. However, that’s not the only thing he will do — he will take over community management and work on developing our upcoming games.

Michal demoing Space Race at Essen SPIEL.

New Projects

Although the fulfillment of the Interkosmos campaign is our main priority, we’re developing several other exciting projects. 2018 will surely be full of exciting news. We can’t wait to start sharing specific details with you – watch out for the next newsletter!

Facebook Page

Join us at out new Facebook page that unites all the Boardcubator current and future projects! There you’ll be able to stay in touch with everything we do. Up until now, we have used the Space Race Facebook page, but with new games under development, we feel would be easier for you to track all the news if we had a Boardcubator page in addition to dedicated project pages.

Late Pledges Available for Space Race – Interkosmos

There are still few (but very limited) boxes of Space Race (base game) available, so we were able to open late pledges for everyone who have missed the Kickstarter campaign at

Those are the February news. We hope you are as excited as we are! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.