We learned a lot. We decided to make a manifesto. The Boardcubator Manifesto.

1. Authorship content — authors do their best to explore and extend the limits of the board game industry.

2. Fresh take on themes — make zombies your friends this time around.

3. Community is an integral part of the development.

4. Author’s supervision and superior quality is not subject to compromise.

5. Unique, limited, and consistent editions — an edition has only one print run and has a consistent content (no campaign exclusives).

6. Crowdfunding is the only way to publish a game. The community should make the call on what is created.

7. Games are available only through community-related channels, such as:
– Crowdfunding campaigns,
– Community Events — a game can be available at community events or conventions directly from the authors.
– Support for other projects — a game can be available in order to support a crowdfunding campaign for other games that abide by this manifesto.

8. Print and Play is available for everyone to try before the game is published.

Do you believe in the same ideas as we do? Let’s say it out loud!

Boardcubator Manifesto


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