Project  L

A tile-matching brain burner with triple-layer puzzles

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Project L

A game designed by Adam Španěl, Jan Soukal, and Michal Mikeš.
1-4 players, 20-40 minutes

Project L is an elegant game that, in spite of having just a few simple rules, has a lot of depth, choices, and combinations. Challenge your friends to a game of simple design but intricate gameplay that makes a lasting impression!

Enjoy the perfect harmony of color and minimalistic design from which you just can’t take your hands away.

Build pieces, develop an engine, perfect your strategy!

Win the game!

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Brain Burner

Project L will pressure your brain cells during the search for the combination of pieces and moves that will let you complete a better collection of tiles than your friends.

Satisfying Experience

Enjoy a wonderful tactile experience thanks to exquisite wooden pieces made by an award winning art designer. The impression Project L makes will make you immediately want to play again.

Fast Gameplay

Project L stacks all of its intricate gameplay in less than 30 minutes. It’s perfect for a coffee break: just watch the pieces fall into place.