Project  L — Finesse

Enhance your Project L experience with goals that test your finesse!

The Finesse expansion along with Project L will be on Kickstarter in autumn 2020. Subscribe to our newsletter and don’t miss it!

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An expansion for Project L designed by Filip Daňhel and Jan Soukal.
1-4 players, 20-40 minutes

The Finesse expansion brings extra strategic depth to Project L through an addition of goals which require each player to fulfill different conditions to get more points during the game. Completing your goals may require making compromises in your strategy or deviating from it altogether, allowing new ways to play Project L.

When you play with Finesse, you have more possible options for scoring points while keeping the same fast-paced gameplay of Project L.

The Finesse expansion is scheduled to appear on Kickstarter in autumn 2020. Subscribe to our newsletter and don’t miss it!

Brain Burner

Project L will pressure your brain cells during the search for the combination of pieces and moves that will let you complete a better collection of tiles than your friends.

Satisfying Experience

Enjoy a wonderful tactile experience thanks to exquisite wooden pieces made by an award winning art designer. The impression Project L makes will make you immediately want to play again.

Fast Gameplay

Project L stacks all of its intricate gameplay in less than 30 minutes. It’s perfect for a coffee break: just watch the pieces fall into place.