Space Race: The Card Game expansion

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An expansion to Space Race: The Card Game by Jan Soukal and Michal Mikeš. Artworks by Dalibor Krch.
1-5 Players, 30-90 minutes

China enters Space Race!
Heavenly palace awaits first taikonauts!
A new chapter in space exploration begins with the arrival of the expansion for Space Race: The Card Game, Interkosmos.

Interkosmos is an expansion for Space Race: The Card Game, a complex and strategic game with unique mechanics and amazing artworks. Interkosmos brings a new card type – Achievements, 5th player, and plenty of new mechanics.

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Would you like to spice up your Space Race a bit? Then Scenarios are here for you! Adding more historical context to the gameplay and altering game mechanics to bring a different gameplay experience that reaches beyond the original Space Race universe.


The Chinese space agency joins the Space Race! A set of cards necessary to play a full-scale 5-player game, including a bunch of new mechanics specially designed with focus on brand new Control Cards management strategies.


A completely new card type enters the game. Achievements bring a completely new way of  acquiring points and to outsmarting your competition. This one is not to be missed!


Rahdo’s Gameplay Talkthrough of Interkosmos.