Ambassador Program

Our way of thanking you for your continuous support.

The Boardcubator Ambassador Program is our way of thanking all the wonderful people in our community who stayed with us throughout the campaigns and whose support and help keep us moving forward. It’s because of your continuous involvement and interest in our games that we amass enough energy and motivation to push our projects further ahead.

The Ambassador Program is a fresh concept that we will continue to develop further, while adding more options that will allow you to be personally involved in our projects.

Exclusive Ambassador Packs

If you become an ambassador before a Kickstarter campaign launches, you’ll get a special promo pack along with the rewards you pledge for!

How to Become a Boardcubator Ambassador

There’s a chance you already are one! We consider you to be a Boardcubator Ambassador if you are subscribed to our newsletter or if you have backed any of our previous Kickstarter campaigns.

Keep an eye on the newsletters so you won’t miss any of our upcoming projects! And if you spread the word to your friends in your gaming group, you can help them get their the Ambassador Packs too!