About us

We're all-in board gamers!

Boardcubator was built on the enthusiasm of Jan and Marek to develop and publish their own board game. They had been working on Boardcubator and Space Race for several years over many sleepless nights. Then, in 2015, Jan decided to say farewell to his day job of an IT security specialist and became a full-time game designer and publisher. Having Marek’s experience from the film industry and marketing on board, they both devoted themselves to the hobby they love: board games.

In 2016, back in the days of the very first Space Race project, Michal, an enthusiastic board gamer and teacher of literature, joined the team to help with copywriting as well as the campaign and production agenda. He quickly became a solid part of the team, later co-designing the Interkosmos expansion with Jan.

Later in 2017, Dominika joined the team to help with the Interkosmos expansion campaign. She’s the one entrusted to convert all the information we would like to share with our fans and backers into a form understandable even to the world outside of our office.

And, last but not least, Dalibor is drawing it all. 🙂