Project  L — Finesse

Enhance your Project L experience with goals that test your finesse!

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Project L Finesse

An expansion for Project L designed by Jan Soukal, Martin Řehořík, Michal Mikeš, and Filip Daňhel.

The Finesse expansion introduces a new game module to Project L with new mechanics to exploit. During the game, you can perform various Finesses to earn Credits, a new resource that can be spent for extra actions. Completing a Finesse may require making compromises in your strategy or deviating from it altogether. This expansion 

Play with Finesse to have more strategic options while keeping the same fast-paced gameplay of Project L.

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Brain Burner

Project L will pressure your brain cells during the search for the combination of pieces and moves that will let you complete a better collection of tiles than your friends.

Satisfying Experience

Enjoy a wonderful tactile experience thanks to exquisite wooden pieces made by an award winning art designer. The impression Project L makes will make you immediately want to play again.

Fast Gameplay

Project L stacks all of its intricate gameplay in less than 30 minutes. It’s perfect for a coffee break: just watch the pieces fall into place.